Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)

We understand that many businesses have multiple checking accounts. To help consolidate account balances and maximize idle balances, we offer Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs). ZBAs offer many benefits, including –

  • Cost Savings. ZBA accounts provide an inexpensive way to concentrate all your funds into your main operating account/concentration account to maximize your return or fund accounts like payroll
  • Automated Bookkeeping. Transfers are made automatically, eliminating the need to monitor balances and initiate transfers
  • Greater Control of Cash Flow. Your business can control balances and funding of the operating/concentration account and its related ZBA accounts as if they were one large account
  • Cash Concentration. All deposits can be made to the operating/concentration account thereby eliminating the need to make deposits to multiple accounts

How a ZBA account works –

  • Your DNB First treasury management officer will work with your business to link multiple disbursement accounts to your main operating account/concentration account or your Sweep Account. Examples are accounts for payroll or accounts receivables and deposit tracking
  • The ZBA account maintains a zero balance until all credits or debits are posted and then the ZBA will automatically move funds to or request funds from the concentration account
  • Your DNB First account statement will reflect all automatic transfers to or from your operating/concentration account and your ZBA Account