Sweep Services

Putting your excess cash to work for you is the focus of our array of sweep services. With a sweep from one of our high-yield investment products we can help you put your excess funds to work for you.

  • A sweep to one of our FDIC insured deposit products can put excess funds to work for you while making these funds available when you need them. Choose from our array of Savings and Premier Money Market products to make this happen.
  • For businesses that regularly carry larger balances in their checking accounts, we offer our Repurchase Agreement Sweep.* This product is a special investment for maximizing returns automatically on excess cash balances.
  • If you maintain a line of credit with DNB First, we can help you lower your interest expense by putting your excess funds to work for you by applying excess balances to your line of credit. Also the line of credit is there for you to use to immediately move funds to cover your expenses.

Our dedicated team of treasury management professionals will work with you to assess your needs and deliver the solution you need to become more profitable and more effective.