Lockbox Service

Today it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to collect payments and manage cash flow. To facilitate this process, DNB First offers Lockbox services. With Lockbox, your payments are received and processed by the Bank, thereby establishing an audit trail outside your business while saving you valuable time. With a DNB First Lockbox, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, including –

  • Improved Funds Availability. You will reduce mailing and processing float time
  • Easier Processing. Our automated lockbox processing provides much greater control over a manual system
  • Time and Money Savings. Your business eliminates time and costs associated with processing your payments in-house. Your employees will be able to dedicate their time towards your business rather than processing receivables.

How it works –

  • Your customer payments are directed to a DNB First P.O. Box
  • The mail is received early in the day
  • Payments received are processed and deposited to your account the same day
  • Images of your bills are sent back to you on a daily basis or per your instructions
  • You have online access to posting data, and checks and invoices through Lockbox Access