Investment Management

Communication is essential to building and sustaining a successful investment portfolio. Our process begins with listening to you about your financial objectives, time frames, tolerance for risk, income needs and family dynamics. From this process we will create an Investment Policy Statement that is uniquely tailored to you and will serve as the investment foundation for our relationship. Understanding and monitoring your unique situation and circumstances are essential for managing your investments to meet the changing dynamics of your life.

Asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing are the foundation of our investment management process. An experienced investment Portfolio Manager is assigned to your relationship and our proactive, disciplined money management process means we are in touch with your personal needs and desires as well as the global economy we live in.

Clients will have access to some of the most sophisticated money managers in the country through our rigorous and robust money manager selection process. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you whether you are ready to rollover your IRA, looking for a new investment manager, funding a trust or building a retirement program.

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