Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

Take advantage of a smart and convenient way to pay suppliers and employees with our ACH Services. When you pay electronically with our ACH services, you’ll be able to –

  • Improve Cash Flow. Determining in advance the amount and the due date for receipt of payment
  • Increase Efficiency. Reduce the number of checks to process, increased accuracy over customer written checks, simplified research due to internal processing
  • Security. Give your payees the security of knowing you have the funds available

An easy way to pay your employees.

DNB First’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) Direct Deposit of Payroll provides an efficient, fast, and smart way to pay your employees.

Benefits to your business –

  • Reduced Costs. You’ll save with fewer checks to purchase and reduced check distribution costs to employees and lower bank charges at the bank
  • Increased Efficiency. Eliminates the need to monitor disbursement float and reconcile checks issued to employees; no printing or signing checks; eliminates possibility of lost or stolen checks; reduced research time; simplified account reconcilement
  • Employee Satisfaction. Simplifies payroll for sick or vacationing employees

Benefits to employees –

  • Funds Availability. Funds are available to the employee on payday not the day after. Employee can withdraw funds that morning
  • Convenience. Eliminates time spent at the bank waiting in line to cash payroll checks; option of splitting their pay into a checking and savings account automatically; no more lost or stolen checks
  • Confidential. Eliminates merchants or fellow employees from viewing paychecks. Special benefits for employees who have or sign up for a DNB First deposit account